Software & Tools

A number of tools have been developed to work with THEMIS and other data sets. You'll find links below to downloads and documentation for software developed by the Mars Space Flight Facility at ASU as well as the U.S.G.S.


A geographical information system that provides easy access to many different Mars data sets.

Spectral Library

A library containing thermal emission spectra of a variety of geologic materials.


Vanilla is a tool that will allow you to treat table files conforming to the Planetary Data System standard as a hierarchal database and perform simple queries across one or more tables and file segments.


USGS software system used for geometric projection of THEMIS images.


A programming tool to manipulate and view multispectral data.


THMPROC is a web-based, interactive tool which greatly simplifies THEMIS data processing.


dmap is a data mapping tool, which maps Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES) data onto a projected Mars surface.