A Tale of Two Craters

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Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU

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In western Acidalia, two craters of similar size (a few km's) dramatically display the effects of geologic activity. The younger one on the left has been left relatively well preserved, retaining a sharp rim crest, a classic bowl shape, and a clearly defined ejecta blanket. The older one on the right likely has experienced a flood of lava that covered over the ejecta and filled in the bowl (note the breach in the rim). Its rim crest has been worn down by a multitude of subsequent impacts.

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V04970003 (View data in Mars Image Explorer)
2003-01-27 10:40
Wed, 2003-02-12
1024 pixels (19 km)
3648 pixels (68 km)
0.018779 km/pixel
0.018916 km/pixel


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